Odd Jewelry for Exceptional Women

Unique Bohemian Ethnic Style

Dig into my bohemian ethnic jewelry.
One that celebrates diversity, folklore, the old days and the new.
"Experienced" jewelry, made with "lived-in" materials that are more about deconstruction than recycling.Jewelry that produces an intentional collision of cultural realities and is able to tell a story.

Odd Fibulae is high-end custom jewelry.It is based on mixing treasures from here and there, gathered with the goal of creating unique pieces within a bohemian and elegant style.


I'm Alicia.
There is nothing for me like combining old and hard-to-find pieces with other finds that, although they were found at similar dates, were quite far apart. It gives me a strange feeling and an out-of-the-ordinary tranquility, how can I not share it with everyone?
Odd Fibulae was born from my passion for collecting antique ethnic jewelry from the East and a love for early 20th century western designs and materials.

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